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Diogo Souza
Apr 22, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

Creating cross-platform apps with NW.js

Diogo Souza Brazilian dev. Creator of altaluna.com.br

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2 Replies to "Creating cross-platform apps with NW.js"

  1. Excellent overview of nw.js! I’m thinking of writing an app and possibly using svelte in this Nw.js app. But then again maybe not since I’m also using notion api with this, and there’s a weird conflict between the notion js wrapper, and svelte.. so maybe stick with react for it. I just told you things that you probably care less about. Carls Jr has good fries – that might useful to someone.

  2. express is unnecessary there to test a simple html file. With that kind of html can’t you just the open it in the browser directly? I thought you are showcasing the feature of nwjs to load a server (ssr) application in its window.

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