Shalitha Suranga
Apr 12, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

Why you should use an Electron alternative

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9 Replies to "Why you should use an Electron alternative"

  1. Flutter obviously has a bright future as a platform but projects like Tauri and Deno allow developers to keep using their js modules and frameworks without changing their habits, which is a big selling point.

  2. The runtime memory usage seems not correct.
    Even though neutralino and tauri’s memory consumption could be smaller than Electron, those also launch the webengine child process on runtime. So bundled size could be much different, but the runtime memory consumption depends on the webengine’s memory consumption.
    Comparing all the rss of the child processes spawned by each framework properly, it does not show as much difference as suggested in the table above.
    Please let me know if I missed something.

  3. Like @junil already said this is misleading as the browser engine will also used and get’s to a similar level of consumption ….A lot of unknown will run in these frameworks thinking this is a better alternative till they ran into all the problems of a tool coming with no combined Engine and GUI and battle proofness, while not saving that much memory for a user.Flutter if grown out of beta is a feasible alternative for any serious project as is QT.But these community backed, webview alternatives are causing more problems than they help

  4. The size of the bundled node packages and chromium framework have nothing to do with the performance of the application itself, Well designed electron applications perform extremely well. For example, Visual Studio Code and Atom are entirely developed in electron, and they outperform quite a few other code editors written in native desktop languages. I have yet to see a native code editor that outperforms vs code or atom.

  5. As of 06-10-2022, Neutralino.js is not ready for prime time as it fails to work correctly on MacOS Catalina (10.15.7).

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