Ivy Walobwa
Jun 3, 2024 ⋅ 12 min read

Creating a responsive mobile menu with CSS without JavaScript

Ivy Walobwa Ivy is a Flutter developer and technical writer who is interested in creating awesome developer experiences. She is currently a Program Assistant for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS), where she helps facilitate the learning of students across Africa.

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12 Replies to "Creating a responsive mobile menu with CSS without JavaScript"

  1. I played around with this menu but found that when I scroll down the page and then click on the menu it becomes unstable and drops down the page or even vanishes.

  2. How do I add accessibility and aria attributes to these elements? I’ve spent a lot of time building out this navbar, and found that I ended up needing some JS to do some open/close logic anyway.

  3. maybe I missed it, but how do I remove the scroll from Main content when the menu is open in the mobile version?

  4. when you turn the screen with the menu turned on, it is impossible to click on the last buttons of the list

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