Ekekenta Odionyenfe
Jul 28, 2023 ⋅ 10 min read

Building a serverless app with TypeScript

Ekekenta Odionyenfe I am a software engineer and technical writer who is proficient in server-side scripting and database setup.

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2 Replies to "Building a serverless app with TypeScript"

  1. This article is really helpful as a whole to understand the environment and codebase. But the code has some small issues, syntax, types or typos that at prevent it from being executed. Manual fixes had to be made in order to run the project.

    1. Lots of manual fixes starting from the beginning. Create folder “Models”, example uses “model”, file names like “services/service.ts” are actually “services/todoService”, and zero mention of “models/database”. But yea, if you’re experienced this isn’t too much of an issue. It would be incredibly confusing if this was your first touchpoint.

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