Ekekenta Odionyenfe

  I am a software engineer and technical writer who is proficient in server-side scripting and database setup.


6 Stories by Ekekenta Odionyenfe

NestJS vs. Hapi

Hapi and NestJS have a lot of noticeable differences, one of the most significant being NestJS’ built-in support for TypeScript.
1 4 min read

Create a custom React alert message

Build your own custom alert message component to display errors, information, and success messages to your users.
0 4 min read

Building a serverless app with TypeScript

The serverless framework allows you to design, deploy, debug, and protect serverless applications with minimal overhead and cost, all while providing the required infrastructure...
1 9 min read

Building a Trello Clone with React DnD

React DnD covers your components, injecting props into them rather than offering prebuilt widgets. React DnD is built on React's declarative rendering philosophy.
0 10 min read

What is Slate.js, and will it replace Quill and Draft.js?

Slate.js is a customizable platform building rich-text editors. Explore its potential to upset more mature solutions like Quill and Draft.js.
0 4 min read

Server-side rendering with FastAPI and MySQL

FastAPI is a web framework that handles both the client side and the server side. Explore FastAPI by building a simple movie database.
0 9 min read