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Writing JS-based Bash scripts with zx

In this tutorial, learn about zx, a new tool from Google that lets you write Bash-like shell scripts with JavaScript.
0 5 min read

React Native for desktop using React Native for Windows

Render all of your platform-specific UI elements on desktop from one JavaScript-based codebase using React Native for Windows.
1 4 min read

Implementing react-input-mask for web apps

Learn how to avoid transcription errors in React using input masks, which provide user-friendly constraints for your user input fields.
1 8 min read

How to develop cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript and Go

Yes, it's possible — in this tutorial, you'll learn how to build speedier, lightweight cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript and Go.
2 6 min read

Deploying single-page Angular apps to GitHub Pages

Access all the benefits of GitHub when you deploy your single-page Angular app code repositories to GitHub Pages.
1 3 min read

Parsing raw text inputs in web applications using ANTLR

Create a parser to handle raw text inputs with the ANTLR toolkit and webpack in this step-by-step tutorial and example build.
0 6 min read

Why you should use an Electron alternative

Discover why you might want to use an alternative to Electron, and how to install and use two lightweight options: Tauri and Neutralinojs.
9 5 min read