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Understanding AJAX requests in React Native

There are several ways to make AJAX requests that you can choose from for your React Native app, and we cover quite a few...
0 14 min read

ExpansionPanel in Flutter: A guide with examples

In this guide, learn how to use the ExpansionPanel widget to add collapsible item descriptions and more to your Flutter app.
1 11 min read

Building a Flutter desktop app: Tutorial with examples

Learn the benefits and basics of building a desktop app with Flutter for Windows, macOS, and other supported output targets.
3 6 min read

React Native touchable vs. pressable components

Learn the difference between touchable and pressable components in React Native, and how to implement different effects with each kind.
0 12 min read

Using custom Chrome tabs in Flutter with the flutter_custom_tabs plugin

Learn to implement Chrome Custom Tabs in Flutter applications with Flutter_custom_tabs, which offers impressive cross-platform features.
1 11 min read

Using input masks in React Native

Implement input masks in React Native to develop user-friendly input constraints such as entering data according to a pre-defined format.
1 12 min read

Why you should use a Go backend in Flutter

Go-based backends bring numerous benefits for Flutter frontends. You can avoid time-consuming business logic rewrites by using Go modules in the Flutter app.
0 15 min read

Using WebSockets with Fastify

In this tutorial, learn how to use Fastify-WebSocket plugin your Fastify-based, RESTful web APIs using practical examples..
0 11 min read

What you need to know about inbuilt browser HTML sanitization

Read up on the experimental, inbuilt browser API for HTML sanitization in this post and learn how you can better prepare for XSS attacks.
0 9 min read

Flutter vs. Ionic for cross-platform development

Compare and contrast Flutter and Ionic to help select the framework most suitable for your cross-platform development project.
3 12 min read

Implementing a repository pattern in Flutter

Write more manageable codebases for your Flutter apps by decoupling data access and business logic according to the repository design pattern.
0 10 min read

Building microservices in Go with Gin

In this post, learn how to build microservices in Go using Gin, a lightning-fast frontend Go framework, and test them using Postman.
3 11 min read