Raphael Ugwu
Nov 16, 2022 ⋅ 4 min read

Application state management with Svelte

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5 Replies to "Application state management with Svelte"

  1. Thank you for the solid explanation of a use-case for stores in Svelte.

    I recently started going through the Svelte documentation, and this really helped me tie things together in my mental model for how stores can be used.

  2. Thanks great guide, just please fix the error in the function:

    const addCar = car => update(car => {
    return […cars, car];

    Should be:
    const addCar = cars => update(car => {
    return […cars, car];

  3. Guys you got this backwards. addCar() should take a parameter of car (singular) and update should take cars (plural). Should be like this:

    const addCar = car => update(cars => {
    return […cars, car];

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