Nefe James

  Nefe is a frontend developer who enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with others.


27 Stories by Nefe James

Getting started with Floating UI

Learn about Floating UI, a toolkit successor to Popper that allows us to create floating elements, popovers, tooltips, and more.
0 4 min read

How to validate forms in Remix

Remix takes a different approach from React when it comes to validating forms. Learn how in this useful guide.
2 7 min read

Styling Remix applications with Tailwind CSS

Learn how to incorporate Tailwind CSS into a Remix application with this handy step-by-step tutorial and example build.
1 3 min read

Managing state with Elf, a new reactive framework

Learn to use Elf, a new reactive framework for state management build on top of RxJS in this in-depth tutorial and overview.
3 4 min read

Best Node.js CMS platforms for 2022

Find the best CMS for your team with this handy guide to the best Node.js CMSs in 2022, including their benefits and pricing plans.
3 5 min read

Building data stories through charts with Vizzu

Learn the many helpful features of Vizzu, a tool that can help you create compelling data visualizations with ease.
0 6 min read

Building responsive components in Chakra UI

Follow this comprehensive tutorial for building responsive components that look beautiful on any screen with Chakra UI.
0 11 min read

Top form validation libraries in Svelte

This review of the top seven most popular form validation libraries in Svelte can help you choose the best fit for your next project.
0 12 min read

A comprehensive guide to Svelte components with slots

Take a deep dive into Svelte components with slots by learning how they work and how to use them to supercharge your Svelte apps.
0 5 min read

Advanced techniques in Chakra UI

Dive deeper into the functionality of Chakra UI with these tips and tricks explained with an example tutorial.
0 9 min read

Form validation in Svelte

Learn how to easily validate forms in Svelte using Yup and svelte-forms-lib with this step-by-step tutorial.
0 9 min read

Essential transitions and animations in Svelte

Learn how some of the most essential transitions and animations in Svelte work under the hood in order to implement them correctly.
1 5 min read