Nefe James

  Nefe is a frontend developer who enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with others.


19 Stories by Nefe James

A comprehensive guide to Svelte components with slots

Take a deep dive into Svelte components with slots by learning how they work and how to use them to supercharge your Svelte apps.
0 5 min read

Advanced techniques in Chakra UI

Dive deeper into the functionality of Chakra UI with these tips and tricks explained with an example tutorial.
0 9 min read

Form validation in Svelte

Learn how to easily validate forms in Svelte using Yup and svelte-forms-lib with this step-by-step tutorial.
0 9 min read

Essential transitions and animations in Svelte

Learn how some of the most essential transitions and animations in Svelte work under the hood in order to implement them correctly.
1 5 min read

Creating physics-based animations in React with renature

renature is a physics-based animation library for React inspired by the natural world. We cover its core API and share several demos.
0 4 min read

Top React toast libraries compared

Compare the top React toast libraries and learn how to use them in your apps to send custom notifications to your users.
3 6 min read

Theming in Next.js with styled-components and useDarkMode

Control the style and mood of your app in Next.js using the styled-components CSS-in-JS library for a more readable, cool display.
3 5 min read