Facundo Corradini
Apr 29, 2024 ⋅ 7 min read

17 ways to implement vertical alignment with CSS

Facundo Corradini Frontend developer, CSS specialist, best cebador de mates ever.

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10 Replies to "17 ways to implement vertical alignment with CSS"

  1. Dude i was going nuts and completely forgot Flexbox works so well! ANother tip would be to Use inline-flex so there isn’t all the weird spacing!

  2. God bless you dude. I’ve seriously been stuck on this for over 2 hours and your blog post solved my problem like it was nothing

  3. Here’s one I like to use a lot :

    .container {

  4. Facu, me gustaria ponerme en contacto con vos, hay un articulo que me intereso y me gustaria discutirlo. Abrazo desde Buenos Aires!

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