Esteban Herrera Family man, Java and JavaScript developer. Swift and VR/AR hobbyist. Like books, movies, and still trying many things.


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The best React inline style libraries  compared

In any non-trivial React app, CSS styles can become a problem if you don’t manage them correctly. Global style definitions, !important rules everywhere, and low...
0 11 min read

Rendering large lists with React Virtualized A common requirement in web applications is displaying lists of data. Or tables with headers and scrolls. You have probably done it hundreds...
5 11 min read

Immutability in React: There’s nothing wrong with mutating objects

Image credit One of the first things you learn when you start working with React is that you shouldn’t mutate (modify) a list: //...
1 7 min read

Conditional rendering in React: 8 methods with examples

There are a number of ways to use conditional expressions in React, and which one you choose will depend on your use case.
1 10 min read

React Router DOM: Setup, essential components, and parameterized routes

Recently, Yomi did a great job writing about advanced React Router concepts. But if you’re just starting out with React Router, that post was...
3 11 min read

Understanding redux-saga: From action creators to sagas

As any redux developer could tell you, the hardest part of building an app are asynchronous calls — how do you handle network requests, timeouts, and...
3 4 min read

Building an offline-first app with React and RxDB

Offline functionality is becoming an increasingly important part of an app’s user experience. This is not just important for apps that function offline-first, but...
0 7 min read