Chinedu Okere
Jul 21, 2022 ⋅ 8 min read

How to add Redis cache to a NestJS app

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3 Replies to "How to add Redis cache to a NestJS app"

  1. I am getting error.
    63 store?: string | CacheStoreFactory | CacheStore;
    The expected type comes from property ‘store’ which is declared here on type ‘CacheModuleOptions’

    1. instead “import * as redisStore from ‘cache-manager-redis-store’;”
      const redisStore = require(‘cache-manager-redis-store’).redisStore;

  2. //importing Get, Inject, Inject, and CACHE_MANAGER from nestjs/common
    import { Controller, Get, Inject, CACHE_MODULE } from ‘@nestjs/common’;

    The CACHE_MODULE here should be CACHE_MANAGER

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