Nwose Lotanna
Nov 12, 2020 ⋅ 3 min read

Why you should adopt React Hooks instead of classes

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4 Replies to "Why you should adopt React Hooks instead of classes"

  1. The first code block needs a newline before const, and the fourth says `counter: this.state.count – 1` but should say `counter: this.state.counter – 1`.

  2. In the What are React Hooks? and the Fewer lines of code paragraphs you are importing React but never use it…

  3. The obsession with not having to learn lifecycle methods is baffling honestly, it’s like people don’t want to learn their own craft. It’s too complicated? lmao are you kiddin me? The next gen of UI dev is going to be clueless to how anything nuanced is accomplished.

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