Gonçalo Palma
Oct 12, 2021 ⋅ 7 min read

Using WebSockets in Flutter

Gonçalo Palma Lead Flutter Developer at PvotalTech, writer.

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4 Replies to "Using WebSockets in Flutter"

  1. Very intuitive. Would love to see an implementation with State management packages such as Flutter Bloc or Riverpod.

  2. i am getting error my url start from https:// but getting error
    I/flutter ( 7839): The following WebSocketException was thrown building MyApp(dirty):
    I/flutter ( 7839): Unsupported URL scheme ‘https’
    why my api giving me data on every 5 second
    this is my code
    final channel = WebSocketChannel.connect(Uri.parse(BASE_URL));

    channel.stream.listen((message) {
    final questionData = message;
    print(‘question message–> $questionData’);

    // Handle the received question as needed
    // For example, you can add it to a list of questions or display it in the UI
    }, onError: (error) {
    // Handle WebSocket error

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