Debjyoti Banerjee
Jun 19, 2023 ⋅ 6 min read

Understanding TypeScript generators

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5 Replies to "Understanding TypeScript generators"

  1. An obscure feature of a language that has much bigger issues to deal with first. This is probably the fifth article I read about it, but I’ve never seen anyone actually use it in the wild, including me.

    1. I agree. And it’s gimmicky.
      As an article, it’s good; but as a dev pattern I could imagine one of my junior, programmers burning up hours—or even days or weeks—looking for clever ways to use this feature (a “clever” solution looking for the ideal problem) …only to have the next maintainer come along and rip it out for something more straightforward.

  2. I think this next() call:

    console.log(generator.next()); // Uncaught Error: Something went wrong

    Is not correct. That error doesn’t get thrown out of the generator because it is caught within the generator.

  3. Generators are a JavaScript language feature, not a Typescript feature. How can we take the author seriously if he doesn’t even know the most fundamental fact about the topic he’s discussing

    1. I think you need to chill out. It IS technically a feature in typescript too, as TS supports whatever JS supports, but really, does an author have to state the obvious for it to be taken seriously? Maybe people learn TS and not JS, or, maybe people don’t care.

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