Debjyoti Banerjee I'm Debjyoti, software engineer and game developer. Currently exploring JavaScript and Flutter, and trying to come up with solutions to problems in the healthcare sector. Love open source.


3 Stories by Debjyoti Banerjee

How to add audio waveforms to your Flutter app

Waveforms provide visual feedback to the user of how well the microphone is capturing their spoken words so that they can increase or decrease...
2 4 min read

Run React Native background tasks with Headless JS

In this article, we’ll learn to execute background operations in React Native using Native APIs and Headless JS.
5 5 min read

Exploring SvelteKit, the newest Svelte-based framework

The newest Svelte-based framework for creating web apps is here with the release of SvelteKit, and explore how easy it is to create apps.
2 11 min read