Top 6 frameworks for decision-making

There are important separations between types of decision-making processes: should this be made by a group or individual? Do you need consensus?
Antonio da Fonseca Neto
6 min read

Understanding tech basics for non-technical product managers

A solid understanding of tech basics is essential for PMs to be successful in the long run.
Divyang Saxena
6 min read

What is iterative and incremental development? Process, examples

Review what iterative and incremental development means, weigh the pros and cons, and see how an iterative and incremental development process works in practice...
Suhasini Gadam
6 min read

How to create an effective contingency plan

A contingency plan — also known as a “plan B” or “backup plan” — is used by organizations to effectively respond once a risk...
Michael Crawford
4 min read

What is release management? 3-step process for agile teams

Despite calling ourselves scrum teams, we often aren't equipped to learn fast enough. Here are three steps to improve your release management process and...
David Pereira
5 min read

How to understand and identify distinctive competencies

Strategy is all about competing differently, and a distinctive competency is how we compete differently from our competitors.
Zeynep Cansu Yildirim
7 min read

How to become a product manager: A 12-month plan

A comprehensive guide to help you identify the best books, articles, introductory courses, and activities to kick-start your product management career.
Bart Krawczyk
10 min read

Effectively using the six thinking hats in product management

The best way to bring six thinking hats into your organization is to become a champion of it and gradually introduce it to your...
Bill Ryan
6 min read

What is a business case and how to write…

We’ll define what a business case is, help you determine when you need one (and when you don’t), and walk you through a four-step...
Monica Dhiman
6 min read

Why cannibalization in product doesn’t have to be bad

Cannibalization is when a product “eats” another one’s market share. Usually seen as a bad thing, cannibalization can be intentional, unintentional, or cross-market.
Antonio da Fonseca Neto
4 min read

How to create an action plan (with template and…

An action plan is like a music sheet: if you have a defined set of notes, you know exactly what the music is going...
Suhasini Gadam
7 min read

How to create an effective risk register like a…

Both risks and rabbit holes can easily be captured, discussed, and organized into a table known as a risk register.
Ian Khor
7 min read