Anshul Goyal
Sep 29, 2020 ⋅ 6 min read

Supercharge your Electron apps with Rust

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3 Replies to "Supercharge your Electron apps with Rust"

  1. Is the repository containing this example somewhere publicly available? For whatever reasons electron can not find my wasm module when following this article. Also had to add the following to .erb/webpack.config.base.js, otherwise I run into the following error: “BREAKING CHANGE: Since webpack 5 WebAssembly is not enabled by default and flagged as experimental feature.” :

    experiments: {
    asyncWebAssembly: true

  2. I noticed wasm modules don’t work out of the box in the current v2.1.0 of the electron-react-boilerplate template due to the upgrade to webpack v5. I think right now you will have to rely on the v1.4.0 for working with wasm modules. Probably would be good if someone can add this information to the article.

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