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Debjyoti Banerjee
Dec 16, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

Run React Native background tasks with Headless JS

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10 Replies to "Run React Native background tasks with Headless JS"

  1. Where is the BackgroundWorker function created? Are you able to provide a sample of the project structure?

  2. please add import statements of classes. or provide the sample example repo link. android studio not importing automatically.

    1. I’m not aware of your requirements but according to the Android docs, it recommends high priority FCM messages as they are exempt from background restrictions.
      Also, you could try updating your app logic to do something in the work manager but not start a foreground service.
      You could also look into AlarmManager if that suits your use case.

  3. The lack of import statements makes this an hours-long task to reproduce. On top of that, there’s several functions here that just… don’t exist. `bundleExtras` and createChannel` are completely undefined and I can’t find anything online to replace them with or import them from. Kind of useless

    1. Intent service = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), MyTaskService.class);
      Bundle bundle = new Bundle();

      bundle.putString(“foo”, “bar”);


  4. Headless keeps the task running even when the app gets killed. How can we handle to stop the services when the app gets killed or removed from background?

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