Adebola Adeniran
Feb 18, 2021 ⋅ 5 min read

React.memo vs. useMemo: Major differences and use cases

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2 Replies to "<code>React.memo</code> vs. <code>useMemo</code>: Major differences and use cases"

  1. Nice easy to read article. But I think you should make it clear that React.memo and useMemo are completely different: the functional component is always being rerendered, which is rexecuted with the same props, as can be seen from react tools/highlight rerenders (even though with no dom changes to perform to perform in this particular case).

  2. In your useMemo use case, does it mean no re-rendering if UseMemoCounts component shows the same times when clicking cheese buttons? ParentComponent sends the same value as a prop to UseMemoCounts. It just shows the same number and it keeps re-rendering, doesn’t it?

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