Adebola Adeniran

  Hi! I'm Adebola! I'm a full-stack React/Node.js and Ruby on Rails engineer from Nigeria. I mentor junior developers via the Google Developer Program, and I'm a regular contributor to some of the most widely read programming blogs. You can follow me on Twitter @debosthefirst.


6 Stories by Adebola Adeniran

Sending emails in Node.js using Nodemailer

Learn how to use Nodemailer, a Node.js module with zero dependencies, to easily send emails from within your application's server.
2 4 min read

Getting started with the Notion API

Use Notion to create a database, connect to the Notion API, and create a small Node.js server.
0 8 min read

How to create NFTs with JavaScript

Learn to create and deploy your own non-fungible token (NFT) using JavaScript to digitally transfer ownership of either a real or intangible asset.
10 14 min read

Build a Slackbot in Node.js with Slack’s Bolt API 

Create a Slackbot that can house a database, respond to commands and mentions, and accept and store new data from users.
6 11 min read

Bridging the native app gap with Project Fugu

Discover how the Chromium team is attempting to bridge the gap between native apps and the web through Project Fugu.
0 11 min read

React.memo vs. useMemo: Major differences and use cases

Learn what memoization is, how memoization works in React, and the major differences between React.memo() and useMemo().
2 5 min read