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Director of product management: Job description, responsibilities

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What Does A Director Of Product Management Do?

The product director, also known as a product director or director of product, is responsible for overseeing the development and success of a company’s products. They work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that product development aligns with business strategy and meets customer needs.

As a key decision-maker within an organization, the director of product management plays a critical role in shaping the direction and vision of a company’s product roadmap.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the responsibilities and tasks of a director of product management. We’ll explore the key skills and qualities needed to excel in this role, as well as the challenges that may arise along the way.

Whether you’re considering a career in product management or are already working in this field, this post will provide valuable insights into what it takes to be an effective director of PM.

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What is a director of product management?

The director of product management is a senior leadership role within the product management department. Generally, this role is two levels below the chief product officer (CPO) and one layer above mid-level product managers.

The product director leads a team of lead, senior, and regular PMs and report to the senior director or the vice president/head of product, depending on whether the organization is flat or a matrix.

The director of product management plays a pivotal role in most organizations’ product function. However, in smaller organizations with fewer than 5,000 employees, the role is often collapsed and the team reports directly to the vice president of product management or head of product instead.

What does a director of product management do?

The director of product management has a wide range of responsibilities that are essential to the success of a company’s products. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the day-to-day tasks and objectives of the PM director role.

Job description

The director of product has broad responsibilities that vary depending on the organization’s structure and needs. These include:

  • Aligning product strategy with business goals — When an organization has multiple business units, each with its own director of product, the director for a specific product and/or business line must ensure that the product goals align with the overall business goals and company strategy
  • Driving product discovery, market research, and competitor research — Setting the stage for the right approach to product development is vital. The director’s role is paramount in ensuring that the team performs the requisite product discovery and research activities so that the product meets customer needs and provides value
  • Driving innovation and new product development initiatives — As the senior leader in the product organization, the director is responsible for driving innovation and research. This could involve adopting modern ways of working and software development frameworks, analyzing the market and competition, and introducing emerging technologies, user interfaces, and robust capabilities to the product suite, among other activities
  • Communicating product vision and strategy to stakeholders — In addition to stitching together the product vision, the director of product must also share the vision and strategy with diverse stakeholders, regularly report on the status of development, and keep stakeholders informed of the product organization’s strategy

Role and responsibilities

Below are some of the core responsibilities of the director of product management as a leader of the product management organization

Product vision and strategy

The product vision distills the product strategy and serves as the north star for any product-led organization. As the director of product management, you are responsible for setting and owning the product vision and strategy.

If your team manages multiple products, you are primarily accountable for defining the vision of the product or portfolio of products.

Product roadmaps and release management

The director of product guides the team in creating product roadmaps and managing releases.

As the product strategy and vision become more tactical, they translate into the product roadmap and release plans. Here, you are responsible for helping the team derive the roadmap and release plans from the vision and strategy and translate them into actionable items.

Interfacing with customers

Product directors are often the primary interface for customers. As such, they’re responsible for communicating the voice of the market and customer (VOM and VOC) to their team and stakeholders.

The director of PM is often best equipped to engage with customers and translate their needs into product requirements to ensure that stakeholders are on the same page.

Team leadership

As the director of product, you’re the prime mentor, coach, and decision-maker for your team.

Depending on the size of your organization, multiple product managers and product owners may report to this role. That means directors of large product teams have the additional administrative responsibility of conducting performance reviews and working with direct reports on their career development.

Cross-functional collaboration

The director of product management interfaces with other directors of cross-functional teams, such as engineering, sales, and marketing.

As the key owner and driver of the product vision, strategy, and roadmap, the director is responsible for aligning with other key stakeholders in the product development lifecycle. This requires working with the heads of other departments to drive the product strategy forward.

Executive communication

The director of product works directly with executive leadership to communicate and drive product plans, metrics, and roadmaps. You, along with the VP of product, are responsible for working with C-suite to align the product vision with the larger company vision.

Additionally, you must communicate the product strategy, roadmaps, and metrics to external stakeholders and customers.

Skills and qualities of a good director of product management

The director of product management is a strategic leader who must possess certain essential soft and hard skills to guide the product management function.

Below are some of the most important skills and qualities of a PM director and how they come into play during the product development lifecycle:


The director of product management needs to be a strong leader who is capable of steering the team toward its product goals while ensuring it stays align with the roadmap and strategy. This person needs to have their eye on the goals at all times to ensure the team achieves the timelines and roadmap committed to the customer.

Strategic thinking and problem solving

The product team looks to the director of product for guidance on both short- and long-term goals. The person in this role should be able to think strategically and analytically to provide appropriate and timely guidance during each stage of the product development lifecycle.


This role requires the ability to communicate the product vision and strategy and work with cross-functional team leaders.

Therefore, the director of product management needs to have strong communication skills, be articulate, and be personable to convince and drive consensus across different stakeholder teams and drive alignment at every step.

Technical acumen

The director of product is ultimately accountable for the product team’s success, which is usually measured by key performance indicators (KPIs). A keen knowledge of the industry and an appreciation of the technology or process (be it hardware, software, or a physical product that is being developed) will serve the person in the director of product management role well.

Financial awareness

Along with technical acumen, it is essential for the product director to have financial awareness to drive results.

The product management function involves financial aspects, such as revenue and profitability of the business, margins, business unit budgets, team and resource budgets, return on investment (ROI), and product pricing. Having some financial analysis chops will go a long way in this role.

Tips to get hired for a product director role

Because the director of product management is a leadership-level role, it is essential to stand out in terms of skills and qualities during the hiring process.

Some of the factors that can make an impact are:

Resume requirements

A candidate for the director of product management role should exhibit several qualities on their resume, including but not limited to leadership, analytical ability, financial and technical acumen, etc.

They should also showcase their ability to communicate effectively with cross-functional teams, as well as their experience with creating product roadmaps, managing releases, and interfacing with customers.

Additionally, it is crucial to highlight your ability to manage the end-to-end product development lifecycle and expertise in setting and achieving the product vision and strategy.

Requisite experience and interviewing skills

The director of PM should demonstrate all the experience, skills, qualifications, and qualities outlined in the previous sections.

Your resume should showcase past success in similar roles working across the breadth of the product development lifecycle, managing stakeholders, driving the vision into strategy, managing product financials, etc. You should also be prepared to speak to these elements articulately and with confidence during the job interview.

Demonstrable success supported by hard metrics

When evaluating candidates for the director of product management role, hiring managers will consider candidates’ past achievements and use of key performance indicators (KPIs) in their previous product management roles. Speaking confidently to your skills in this area will go a long way toward demonstrating your ability to drive success in the PM director role.

Overcoming common challenges

The role of the director of product is crucial to the product organization, and the person in this role will face a wide range of challenges, both on a day-to-day basis (tactical) and long-term (strategic):

Day-to-day challenges

A director of PM is likely to hit roadblocks in their day-to-day work related to things like:

Managing stakeholder expectations

Because the product management organization and director of product interact with different teams on a daily basis, managing stakeholder requirements can be difficult.

The director and product management team must constantly interface with internal stakeholders, such as development/engineering, technology teams, sales and business development, data science, and others based on the needs of the organization.

Balancing competing priorities

Product ideas stem from various sources, including the market and customer base, competitors (i.e., the substitute products/solutions they offer), market research and inputs, internal teams, and field/production environment issues. Thus, requests for defining and prioritizing the features and sub-features on the roadmap can have competing priorities impacting the roadmap, budget, and timelines.

As a product management director, it’s crucial to utilize your industry expertise to make informed decisions that provide optimal value to customers while also generating revenue for the company.

Building and maintaining cross-functional relationships

Because the product team works with many cross-functional teams, the director of product must be adept in communication and relationship management.

To overcome communication challenges, forge strong relationships with other leaders in the company, such as the heads of engineering, innovation and research, data science, sales, etc., so that all teams can support and help guide the product development lifecycle and delivery.

Long-term challenges

Long-term challenges a director of product management is likely to encounter include:

Balancing short-term and long-term goals

As the leader of the product management function, the director of product has to focus on long-term goals that are strategic and, at the same time, have an eye on the near-term priorities/goals.

Examples of long-term goals for this role include driving the product vision and strategy, establishing product roadmaps, and customer and stakeholder relationship management.

Examples of short-term areas of focus are managing team priorities and tactical initiatives such as product backlog prioritization and team hiring/resourcing.

Managing team dynamics

The director of product has overall responsibility for the complete product portfolio. This means managing various complex aspects of the portfolio, such as:

Because innovation is a major responsibility of this role, the director of product must be cognizant of the market, technology and buyer trends, customer landscape, target market base, and emergent technologies.


The director of product management plays a pivotal role in the product management organization and carries a high level of responsibility for the success of the product and the product management team.

The skills, experience, and responsibilities required for this role need to be strongly proven and demonstrated, as outlined above.

The director of product management is the cornerstone of the sustained strong performance of the product management team.

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