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What is version control? Definition, types, systems and tools

Version control in software engineering is a vital component of product development. It's a best practice that significantly enhances efficiency, fostering faster team growth...
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Fit gap analysis templates and best practices

A fit gap analysis offers a precise lens through which companies can scrutinize their current performance and compare it with their potential.
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How to create an operating plan: Examples with template

In this article you will learn what a product operating plan is, how it can help you, and how to implement one within your...
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Top 5 change management certifications

Change management certifications offer an opportunity to earn credentials that prove you’re equipped to manage change in an organization of any size or scope.
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Director of product management: Job description, responsibilities

Learn about the essential skills, responsibilities, and qualities of a director of product management and discover how to get hired for this critical leadership...
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Shiny object syndrome: Definition, examples, how to overcome

Failure to manage and counteract shiny object syndrome can place your organization into a state of constant flux in which it struggles to commit...
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What is a workflow management system? Software and how-to

In this guide, we’ll define workflow management, demonstrate how to implement a workflow management system in your organization, and review the benefits of streamlining...
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Strategy vs. tactics: What’s the difference and how to measure

In this guide, we’ll highlight the difference between strategy and tactics and explore how each impacts the other.
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Mission vs. vision statements: Key differences and importance

The vision statement drives the end goal of the product, aligning stakeholders and roadmaps. The mission statement drives the “how” of the product.
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What is a technical product manager and what do they do?

A technical product manager isn’t expected to do any programming or coding; they just need to understand the engineering and technical aspects of the...
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