Diogo Souza
Jul 13, 2022 ⋅ 11 min read

How to create a REST API with Deno and Postgres

Diogo Souza Brazilian dev. Creator of altaluna.com.br

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11 Replies to "How to create a REST API with Deno and Postgres"

  1. > In order to prevent SQL injection — like every other major database framework — Deno allows us to pass parameters to our SQL queries as well.

    Am I missing something or is the `beerRepo.update()` function *full* of SQL injections? Example:

    query += ` SET name = ‘${beer.name}’` …

  2. deno run –allow-net –allow-env index.js
    error: No such file or directory (os error 2)

    I got this error, when i am trying run

  3. Compile file:///home/zire/dcode/postgr/index.js
    error: Uncaught AssertionError: Unexpected skip of the emit.
    at Object.assert ($deno$/util.ts:33:11)
    at compile ($deno$/compiler.ts:1170:7)
    at tsCompilerOnMessage ($deno$/compiler.ts:1338:22)
    at workerMessageRecvCallback ($deno$/runtime_worker.ts:72:33)
    at file:///home/zire/dcode/postgr/__anonymous__:1:1

  4. Hi guys, thanks very much for the comments. I’ve already addressed all of them both in the article and in the GitHub repo.

    Please, let me know if there’s still any problems to you. 🙂

  5. Great tutorial thanks! Hey would love to see a Typescript version of this project, anyone have an example of PostgreSQL + Deno + Typescript?

  6. Hey folks, I’ve had a go at converting this project to Typescript. Made some minor improvements/changes along the way. Classes seem to cause problems when instantiating the database, “possible undefined value” errors, so I removed them as they aren’t really needed.
    For any of you who are Typescript Savvy, I would love to get some feedback if I’ve gone about this the right way?

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