Ohans Emmanuel
Nov 20, 2019 ⋅ 6 min read

How is getSnapshotBeforeUpdate implemented with Hooks?

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2 Replies to "How is getSnapshotBeforeUpdate implemented with Hooks?"

  1. Hey, nice article! I noticed that `useLayoutEffect` did not work for you as it really happens right *after* DOM rendering. The regular `useEffect` is even more delayed — it happens in the next animation frame after rendering.

    What you could do was to make your snapshot right in the component function body. This is what actually gets called before DOM manipulations. You already have your new state/props and you can use refs to get previous ones.

  2. This article, however nicely marked-up it is, is actually useless because `useLayoutEffect` is called right *after* DOM rendering, not before it.

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