Madars Bišs
Mar 16, 2024 ⋅ 13 min read

Understanding state management in Next.js

Madars Bišs Madars Bišs (aka Madza) is a technical writer. In his spare time, he loves to explore new topics and contribute to open-source web development.

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4 Replies to "Understanding state management in Next.js"

  1. Nice, simple and helpful article.

    I have one suggestion. In the first example I would recommend using the
    setState(prevstate => prevstate + 1)
    syntax , because in more complex scenarios, where the setState is called from multiple places, the result not always what we expect. Although in this simple Example it will work perfectly fine.

  2. I think i’m missing something. How is any of this unique to NextJS? Most of this is just React specific hooks?

    1. well nextjs is built on top of react and most of the things are common, It just adds some more optimization logic that is all.

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