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Aman Mittal
Oct 1, 2021 ⋅ 14 min read

Setting up email authentication with React Native, react-navigation, and Firebase

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7 Replies to "Setting up email authentication with React Native, react-navigation, and Firebase"

  1. Just letting you know you have a type above. (You forgot the i) Great article!!

    Create a new file called src/navgation/index.js file and add the following code snippet:

  2. Thank you a lot for the article, it’s an amazing tutorial.

    In case you want to display the login or sign up error message on the log in screen, here’s a tip:
    UseContext 🙂

    In AuthProvider.js, add
    const [error, setError] = useState(”);
    return (
    Then where the error is caught:
    setError(“login error”); (or whatever error message you want to display).

    In the login screen, add:
    const {error} = useContext(AuthContext);

    Under the password input:

    Here you go 🙂

  3. Terrifically well done tutorial! Clearly explained which makes the information easily digestible. Thanks for your help 😉

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Aman! I’ve also added a username to the registration.. how can I display this with firebase’s user.displayName property? Been on this for hours… plz help!

  5. Thanks for reading it Lucia!

    If you want to use user.displayName field, you’ll have to update user.updateProfile({ displayName: “User’s Name”}} when signing up a new user.

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