Kay Plößer
Apr 23, 2020 ⋅ 7 min read

Creating offline web apps with AWS Amplify DataStore

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15 Replies to "Creating offline web apps with AWS Amplify DataStore"

  1. Thanks for the post, I’m new to amplify and tried to follow along with my own api. Only problem is now my queries and mutations have the following added, any pointers would be great, thank you!!


  2. Thanks, the penny is starting to drop slowly but surely! I’m in mock mode, can graphiql be used to make queries or mutations synced with Datastore?

  3. Thanks for the post, very well written. Is there anyway to make the local storage only contain your own Items and not everyone’s?

  4. From what I can see, that’s true for the app, but in my PoC, if I inspect the local DB attached to the application you can see data from all owners in plaintext. This is a showstopper for us, so I’m hoping it’s just that I’ve done something wrong configuring it.

  5. Hmmm, well I’ve just run through your example above verbatim and I only see the items I should in the local Indexed DB, so maybe I spoke too soon. I wonder if the problem is trying to retrofit the datastore into an existing application.

    So, thanks for a well written example and thanks for prompting me to have another look at datastore!

  6. Actually, that’s not the case. The local writes weren’t syncing to the backend, which is why they only appeared to be in the correct local indexed db, so it is a problem. I’ll raise a ticket with the datastore project, rather than polluting your comments. Thanks again

  7. Thanks for the post! I have completed the whole tutorial with the latest stable versions of all the amplify libraries and almost everything works! I have the app running on two different browsers, logged in with the same user. When I update the grocery list on browser one, the list doesn’t automatically update on browser two… It only updates after I reload the page. It should update automatically, right?

    I’m not sure how stable DataStore is yet… just started working with it some days ago and the documentation is lacking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In my scenario above, browser two should update after changes in browser one, right? without having to reload the browser page?

    Again, thank you very much for this tutorial!


  8. Hi Santiago,

    Was it working as expected at any stage for you?

    In my case I had already set up an Amplify project and tried to add Datastore to my project which did not work for me either.

    So I started a brand new amplify project following a yt video from Nader Dabit called ‘…Offline first…’

    I followed that and it worked for me.


  9. Hi Alan,

    Sync between two browsers never worked for me following this tutorial… Everything else has been working fine though. My general approach to learning and getting Amplify to work has been doing multiple tutorials from different sites until I find the steps that work… Then, I go and recreate all the steps in a new app, making sure I didn’t miss anything and writing my own notes.

    I also did some tutorials from Nader Dabit, not sure if the tutorial I did from him included Authentication and DataStore. I will check the one you’re recommending. Thanks for the help!


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