Zain Sajjad
Oct 7, 2020 ⋅ 6 min read

Benchmarking bundlers 2020: Rollup vs. Parcel vs. webpack

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One Reply to "Benchmarking bundlers 2020: Rollup vs. Parcel vs. webpack"

  1. That all sounds great and tools like parcel *seem* great when you start using them. Then you need something a little more complicated, so you search for a plugin. Alas, not only is parcel v2 still full of bugs in Q3 2021, after *years* of development, half the plugins are deeply buggy (transformer svg, etc) or haven’t been updated for soon-to-be-obligatory requirements for many (like web extensions v3). webpack is horribly complicated but powerful and with requirements that are complicated, you end up either having to learn it properly or learn to hack on the others (possibly in something like flow for parcel) to fix bugs or implement missing functionality.

    The entire JS ecosystem needs far LESS fragmentation, which actually means less choice.

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