Ukpai Ugochi

  I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer on the MEVN stack. I love to share knowledge about my transition from marine engineering to software development to encourage people who love software development and don't know where to begin. I also contribute to OSS in my free time.


11 Stories by Ukpai Ugochi

How to consume APIs with Vuex, Pinia, and Axios

Understand how state management works, and when to use tools like Pinia and Vuex for your Vue applications.
8 8 min read

Node.js buffer: A complete guide

Explore the basics of buffer methods in Node.js, including, Buffer.concat(), and buf.entries(), and learn how they can improve your application.
0 6 min read

Demystifying Cargo in Rust

Cargo, Rust's build system and package manager, is a frequently misunderstood tool that is necessary for publishing your project.
0 4 min read

Understanding ownership in Rust

Learn how to utilize ownership, Rust's unique memory allocation feature that guarantees memory safety even for large projects — no garbage collector required.
0 8 min read

Switching from Rust to TypeScript (and vice versa)

Avoid stress and complication when switching your application from one programming language to another by understanding dependencies, data types, and conditional statements in each....
3 9 min read

Node.js crypto module: A tutorial

Learn how to use the Node.js crypto module to secure user data and review the basics of cryptography in Node.js.
5 10 min read

Using Assert modules to verify invariants in Node.js

Here, you can learn how and why you may need to use Node.js assert modules in applications and the many types available to you.
0 7 min read

A deep dive into Vue slots

Find out how to reuse components differently in different parts of your code according to user input with Vue slots.
2 7 min read

Rust cryptography libraries: A comprehensive list

As evidenced by the wide variety of production-ready cryptography tools and algorithms available, the state of crypto in Rust is quite strong.
0 8 min read

A guide to User Acceptance Testing in Vue.js

Make sure your Vue app successfully passes a user acceptance test before shipping the final product to end users in this tutorial.
0 4 min read

19 awesome web utilities for Rust

The right mix of utilities can help you take your Rust app to the next level. Here are 19 of the most popular web...
2 8 min read