Paul Cowan
Dec 29, 2020 ⋅ 3 min read

Developer frustrations in 2020

Paul Cowan Contract software developer.

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2 Replies to "Developer frustrations in 2020"

  1. Very good points coverded here. The JS world seem not be content with anything they do, they think that by adding new stuff every week it may seem to them they are progressing when in fact are not solving anything at all, just more of the same, reinventing the same wheel ovee and over. Im hapy to see now things like laravel livewire which was inspired by phoenix liveview, i hope to see this trend more and more and do less JS which is more complication than actually solving a problem, it has its uses but they have the wrong view to try to force that for everything and talking down any other development approach as outdated or wrong. It is funny how much they struggled with ssr these years and still is a problem for apps that need an online presence, which is almost every app these days

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