Paramanantham Harrison

  Web and mobile app developer. Love exploring the depth of JS full-stack development. React, Vue, React Native, Next JS, GraphQL are my current love interest.


3 Stories by Paramanantham Harrison

The essential guide for designing a production-ready, developer-friendly RESTful API

You may know the basics of building RESTful API, but do you know how to build one that's production-ready and developer-friendly? This guide tells...
0 11 min read

Improve UX in React apps by showing skeleton UI

Learn how to use skeleton UI to improve UX while your content loads like the front end devs behind Slack, Facebook, Medium, and other...
0 7 min read

The ultimate guide to drag and drop in React

In this post, are going to see some drag and drop use cases by building a simple project in React.
1 11 min read