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5 Stories by Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan

Intro to Twin: Combining the best of Tailwind and CSS-in-JS

Discover Twin, a library that empowers developers to build better apps by blending the powers of Tailwind CSS along with CSS-in-JS.
2 5 min read

Using Zappa and AWS Lambda to deploy serverless Django apps

This tutorial explains the concept of implementing serverless architecture in a Django app using Zappa and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda.
5 4 min read

Containerizing a simple Django application with Docker and Docker Compose

In this post, we'll create a Dockerfile in order to containerize a Django app and we''ll set up docker-compose through a docker-compose.yml file.
1 4 min read

Why people aren’t switching to Svelte yet

Despite being a lightweight component-based framework, a lot of people are hesitating to adopt Svelte as a framework.
8 4 min read

11 alternative frameworks to Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for server-side development, but here are 11 powerful alternatives to try.
2 4 min read