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  Frontend developer. Writer. Community Strategist. Building web interfaces that connect products to their target users.


9 Stories by Linda Ikechukwu

3 ways to add custom fonts to your MUI project

With its diverse set of commonly used UI components, MUI is one of the most loved UI component libraries for React developers.
3 4 min read

10 best Tailwind CSS component and template collections

Use Tailwind components and templates from these popular collections to rapidly build customizable user interfaces designs.
3 4 min read

Project Fugu: 5 new APIs to try out in your PWA

In this article, we’ll learn about five new APIs that have recently been shipped from Project Fugu to help developers build full-featured apps on...
0 7 min read

New ES2021 features you may have missed

Explore the five ECMAScript feature proposals currently under final approval and discover how they can improve your JavaScript application.
3 4 min read

Build a reusable React component to export arrays to Excel

Here, you can learn how to export an array of objects to an Excel file using a reusable React component.
2 8 min read

localForage: Managing offline browser storage

Here, you can learn how to set up localForage and perform basic CRUD actions with it, just like with any other database.
0 9 min read

Going offline in Gatsby

In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about building offline capacity for your Gatsby site.
0 5 min read

4 plugins to add comments to your Gatsby.js blog

In this article, you can learn how to easily integrate comments into your Gatsby blog using four free plugins: Disqus, GitTalk, CommentBox, and GraphComment.
4 5 min read

A guide to improving web accessibility with CSS

In this post, we will learn some tips and tiny changes that you can start applying to the way you write CSS to create...
0 9 min read