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19 Stories by Kingsley Ubah

Cross-browser native lazy loading in JavaScript

Learn how to implement native lazy loading in JavaScript websites across all browsers using a polyfill approach.
0 5 min read

Two ways to load only the CSS you need

Use media queries and PostCSS to load CSS into a webpage based on the particular style sheet you want to use.
0 5 min read

GraphQL local state management with Apollo

Set up a GraphQL API in Node.js and use Apollo Client to manage state data locally in a frontend app with smooth integration.
0 7 min read

CommonJS vs. ES modules in Node.js

Learn about the differences between CommonJS and ES modules when using them in Node.js applications to organize software code.
5 5 min read

Extending CSS when/else chains: A first look

Take a first look at the new @when/@else conditional rules, including some practical uses within style sheets.
0 4 min read

Understanding Python dataclasses

Learn what dataclasses in Python are, how to manipulate object fields, how to sort and compare dataclasses, and more.
0 6 min read

How to detect and render device types in React

Learn how to use the mobile-detect.js library in React apps to automatically detect users' operating systems when viewing webpages.
0 5 min read