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Getting started with MUI and Next.js

Kevin Tomas My name is Kevin Tomas, and I’m a 26-year-old Masters student and a part-time software developer at Axel Springer National Media & Tech GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg. I’m enthusiastic about everything concerning web, mobile, and full-stack development.

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7 Replies to "Getting started with MUI and Next.js"

  1. Following your post to the letter and I’m getting an error when running dev after copy/pasting the index.js file, says I’m missing @emotion/styled. Should I install this or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hey David, thank your for your comment! Did you run `npm install` on the root level of the project before trying to run `npm run dev`?

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for this. Do you have an example that doesn’t use getInitialProps, because it is now deprecated? The latest version of Next recommends getStaticProps or getServerSideProps instead, but neither are supported for use in _document.js

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