Mesh Seun
Dec 5, 2023 ⋅ 13 min read

Angular unit testing tutorial with examples

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5 Replies to "Angular unit testing tutorial with examples"

  1. A great Post! There is only one question in “The button clicks are simulated by calling the triggerEventHandler” code. Why are you still checking toContain(“This is a fresh post”) as it is supposed to be deleted.

  2. I don’t think easy tests are what developers look for. My cat can write ‘simple’ tests if a component exists or not. It’s the REALLY HARD STUFF that needs to be tested. Sadly, no book or tutorial exists that goes passed the basics. It’s up to the seeker to discover the pieces of the puzzle thrown on the floor.

  3. I faced error: No provider for “customFileHandlers” when I run ng test command.
    solved by just running npm update

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