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Angelo Faella
Jul 20, 2021 ⋅ 7 min read

Adding dynamic meta tags to a React app without SSR

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18 Replies to "Adding dynamic meta tags to a React app without SSR"

      1. Hi, there is no SSR here. The React app renders totally on the client side, it is just served by a Node/Express backend that makes some changes to the static part of the HTML page.

        1. react-helmet does not solve the SEO and social problems as the crawlers and social servers do not execute the react scripts so you do not get the dynamic meta tags.

    1. Hi, unfortunately a Node/Express app can’t be served from an S3 bucket. You have to use an EC2 instance or other solutions to host Node applications.

  1. I am hosting my app on heroku , uploaded build and server folder but met-tags not updating when i am opening posts page as you did.
    Yes it is working when i am trying on local and using ngrok for public and then pasting that url in https://www.heymeta.com/ i am getting meta-tags with updated data

    Please explain is there anything which should be done to host this application

    1. Hi, during development you can work on on the app by running “npm start” as you usually do on a React app, no build needed. If you want to test meta-tags, yes you have to create a build.

    1. Yes, My react router is not working now, I think we need to config our webpack to load the actual data after injecting meta tags.

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