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Modern PHP Best Practices

Modern tools for PHP developers

PHP got its reputation from somewhere. But the old, dark days of PHP v4 and earlier are way behind us.
Mauro Chojrin
7 min read
Rector vs. Phabel: Which is better for transpiling PHP code?

Phabel vs. Rector: Which is better for transpiling PHP code?

Phabel is a newer transpilation tool in the PHP ecosystem. In this comparison post, learn how it stacks up against Rector.
Leonardo Losoviz
9 min read
Why Dont People Like PHP

Why don’t people like PHP?

Compare the performance, features, and capabilities of JavaScript and PHP in 2021 for a better sense of what makes PHP less...
Andrew Evans
5 min read
Including Both PHP 7.1 And 8.0 Code In The Same Plugin... Or Not?

Including both PHP 7.1 and 8.0 code in the same plugin … or not?

Having challenges transpiling code from PHP 8.0 to 7.1 in the same WordPress plugin? This solution may help with a few...
Leonardo Losoviz
9 min read
Building Extensible PHP Apps with Symfony DI

Building extensible PHP apps with Symfony DI

Learn how to use DependencyInjection and service containers to manage the services in your complex PHP app.
Leonardo Losoviz
7 min read
Tips for Transpiling Code from PHP 8.0 Down to 7.1

Tips for transpiling code from PHP 8.0 down to 7.1

Transpiling your code from PHP 8.0 to 7.1 allows you to use the latest features of the language while reaching the...
Leonardo Losoviz
9 min read
Hosting php Packages Together Monorepo

Hosting all your PHP packages together in a monorepo

A monorepo makes it easy to maintain a coherent state for your project and submit pull requests with code from multiple...
Leonardo Losoviz
8 min read
Javascript php Developers

Getting started with JavaScript for PHP developers

Switch from PHP to JavaScript for improved performance, flexibility, and application compatibility that will make coding both frontend and backend projects...
Kenneth Ekandem
5 min read
Tips for Creating Your First Rector Rule to Transform PHP Code

Tips for creating your first Rector rule to transform PHP code

Rector is a reconstructor tool for PHP. Learn how you can use it to code with modern PHP features yet still...
Leonardo Losoviz
6 min read

Coding in PHP 7.4 and deploying to 7.1 via Rector and GitHub Actions

PHP developers want to have access to the latest features of the language, but for various reasons, they may not be...
Leonardo Losoviz
12 min read
Transpiling PHP Code via Rector

Transpiling PHP code from 8.0 to 7.x via Rector

With Rector, we can write code with PHP 8.0 features and deploy it to an environment running lower versions.
Leonardo Losoviz
7 min read

Receiving emails with Bref PHP and SendGrid

In this tutorial, we will be building and deploying a serverless PHP application that processes incoming emails programmatically using SendGrid Inbound...
Michael Okoko
5 min read