Kenneth Ekandem

  Software engineer with four years' experience in PHP and JavaScript. Currently working as a backend developer for Codekago Interactive.


5 Stories by Kenneth Ekandem

Crafting authentication schemes with Prisma in Express

Learn how to create an authentication scheme in Express with Prisma schemas in this step-by-step tutorial with code examples.
1 7 min read

Using Angular DataTables to build feature-rich tables

The Angular DataTables library combines Angular directives with jQuery's DataTables plugin. See how to use it in our tutorial.
11 6 min read

Getting started with JavaScript for PHP developers

Switch from PHP to JavaScript for improved performance, flexibility, and application compatibility that will make coding both frontend and backend projects easier.
6 5 min read

Using Redis in AdonisJs for data caching

We demonstrate how using Redis to cache data in an AdonisJs application drastically reduces the response time for data requests.
0 5 min read

Configuring Cloud Firestore in AdonisJs for CRUD requests

Here, you can learn the basics of setting up and configuring Cloud Firestore in AdonisJs for CRUD requests.
2 6 min read