Ben Edelstein

  Boston, MA Founder @LogRocket, formerly @Google.


29 Stories by Ben Edelstein

Leveraging the Console API in React apps

Most JavaScript developers are familiar with the console API, particularlyconsole.log(). However, there are a number of lesser-known console methods that are quite useful in...
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Tips for styling React apps in JavaScript

While many developers still use CSS to style their React apps, writing styles in JavaScript has become an increasingly popular practice as it gives...
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Session filters, NPM package, sessions by user

We have been hard at work on a number of major improvements to LogRocket that make it easier to find relevant user sessions. Session...
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Making the most of the Chrome Developer Tools: Part 1

Most web developers are familiar with the basic features of the chrome developer tools — the DOM inspector, styles panel, and JavaScript console — however, there are a...
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New in LogRocket: Sessions List, Source Maps, Multi-Page Support

We’re excited to roll-out a few highly requested features in LogRocket today. Just refresh your app and you’ll get access to: 1. User Sessions List...
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