Ben Edelstein Founder @LogRocket, formerly @Google

New in LogRocket: Sessions List, Source Maps, Multi-Page Support

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We’re excited to roll-out a few highly requested features in LogRocket today. Just refresh your app and you’ll get access to:

1. User Sessions List

This is one of our most commonly requested features! You can now view a list of all your users’ sessions and search for sessions by user name, email and user id.

2. Source Maps

You can now upload source maps to LogRocket for full symbolication of exceptions and console logs. Visit the logrocket-cli repository for instructions on how to manage releases and upload Source Maps.

3. Multi-page Support

LogRocket will now track sessions across page loads and refreshes, making it easier to understand the root cause of a bug or poor user experience by seeing what led to the broken state. You can read about the new behavior here.

4. Improved network pane

The network pane now shows a list of all network requests and responses, making it easier to filter and search for unexpected network traffic.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and feedback! Let us know what features / improvements you’d like to see next 🙂


Ben Edelstein Founder @LogRocket, formerly @Google

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