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Srikar Suresh
Sep 12, 2023 ⋅ 15 min read

12 best UX design courses

Srikar Suresh Product designer and design mentor who works within the intersection between humans and tech. Loves reading, writing, and hiking.

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Enterprise design thinking: The framework for good product design

Enterprise design thinking aims to align teams around a common goal and support them in working more efficiently while keeping their work centered around people.

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One Reply to "12 best UX design courses"

  1. I’d recommend people avoid SpringBoard. The SpringBoard Discord is full of graduate students struggling to find work, and the course material is mostly just blog posts online, and not particularly good ones. The tutors/coaches are encouraging/supportive, but do not actually coach. And that job guarantee they provide has a gotcha – you must complete a minimum number of job applications/week or the guarantee is forfeit, and the minimum is so high you’d never sustain it.

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