Simohamed Marhraoui
Jan 25, 2021 ⋅ 3 min read

Using Firebase Emulator Suite and React for local-first development

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3 Replies to "Using Firebase Emulator Suite and React for local-first development"

  1. How do I emulate cloud functions? React does NOT want to work with:
    firebase.functions().useEmulator(‘localhost’, 5001)

  2. I followed those steps, but didn’t work. It doesn’t write anything on the firebase local database. Also, I noticed that on the firebase.js file you used “firebaseApp.initializeApp({“, shouldn’t be “firebase.initializeApp({?

    1. > firebaseApp should be firebase
      Yes, you’re right.
      > I followed those steps, but didn’t work.
      Can you give me more details on what didn’t work? Did you, by any chance, use the beta release of Firebase? You can also contact me at [email protected].

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