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Youssouf El Azizi
Apr 20, 2021 ⋅ 7 min read

The best React Native libraries for leveraging native features

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2 Replies to "The best React Native libraries for leveraging native features"

  1. You should take a look at the Navigation router, https://grahammendick.github.io/navigation/native/. It’s 100% native on iOS and Android and leverages more native features than React Navigation (or React Native Navigation). Its TabBar component, for example, renders to the UITabBarController on iOS and BottomNavigationView on Android. It’s the only navigation library that offers a native collapsing header on Android, backed by the CoordinatorLayout. Here’s an example you can run that shows a native search bar on Android and iOS and a native shared element transition on Android, https://github.com/grahammendick/navigation/tree/master/NavigationReactNative/sample/zoom

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