How and why you should use Next.js with Django

Both Next.js and Django can efficiently handle a web application's frontend and backend sections. Therefore, it's unsurprising that this combination has a few use...
Oyinkansola Awosan
4 min read

Using React with Django to create an app: Tutorial

Learn how to integrate React with Django, create a simple CRUD API with the Django REST framework free from common CORS issues, and more.
Diogo Souza
16 min read

Django and GraphQL: Demo project with Graphene

Django with GraphQL can be more powerful and extensible than Django with REST API. View a samlpe Django and GraphQL project with Graphene.
Tigran Bayburtsyan
5 min read

Dockerizing a Django app

This short guide, filled with tips and tricks, will walk you through how to set up a Django project with Docker.
Kimaru Thagana
10 min read

How to create a REST API with Django REST…

Django REST framework (DRF) is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs. Its main benefit is that it makes serialization much easier.
Gaurav Singhal
6 min read

How to build a Vue.js app with Django REST…

Learn how to build a powerful, full stack web app with Vue.js and Django REST framework using this in-depth guide and example build.
Rose Chege
11 min read

What’s new in Django v4.0

Explore some of the new features in Django v4.0, as well as some of the older third-party versions that have been removed.
Popoola Temitope
3 min read

Making Django migrations in Python

By working closely with Django migrations to manage a SQL database, you can learn how to troubleshoot costly mistakes.
Jaya Moore
14 min read

How to receive webhooks in Python with Flask or…

Webhooks are HTTP endpoints that are triggered when an event occurs. Learn how to receive webhooks in both Flask and Django.
Timothy Olaleke
3 min read

Filtering QuerySets dynamically in Django

Learn how to filter a Django QuerySet dynamically using AJAX, and build list pages for your web apps that allow filtering and pagination
Gaurav Singhal
8 min read

QuerySets and aggregations in Django

Learn how to efficiently utilize filters and queries in Django from basic to advanced with this guide to QuerySets and aggregations.
Gaurav Singhal
6 min read

AdonisJs vs. Django: Which web framework should you use?

Trying to decide the web framework for your next project? This article provides an overview of both the AdonisJS and Django web frameworks.
Eze Sunday
8 min read