Lawrence Eagles
Jun 2, 2022 ⋅ 5 min read

Setting up a dev environment with React, Vite, and Tailwind

Lawrence Eagles Senior full-stack developer, writer, and instructor.

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3 Replies to "Setting up a dev environment with React, Vite, and Tailwind"

  1. Nice article.

    Please review your tailwind.config.js file…

    You still need to add index.html into the content array.

    Vite injection point is index.html which is not inside the src folder like react did theirs..

    Great work!

  2. It seems that in this tutorial the “type” in package.json gets set to “module” which is in direct conflict with the config.js files of postcss and tailwind as they use the “require” syntax.
    When running the appications it exits with an error because of that. Only solution I found was to remove the “type” in package.json. Not sure, if this is a good solution though.

  3. Very nice article. I found it very useful and informative.
    There was an error when creating the postcss.config.js file and the error was thrown because the name should be postcss.config.cjs and not .js. I just wanted to point it out for anyone that might find it useful.

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