Abishek Jakhar
May 31, 2019 ⋅ 3 min read

Returning null from setState in React 16

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3 Replies to "Returning null from setState in React 16"

  1. Point of clarification for someone relatively new to React: am I correct to say that it is not necessary to return null with setstate in the way described in this article when the [unchanging] state value(s) are members of a mapped list (where each member in the list has been assigned a unique key)? Or restated, is it the case that a mapped list, where each element in the list is assigned a unique key, only updates those elements where a state change has occurred, and so the technique explained by this article would not be necessary for unchanging elements of a mapped list even when other elements in the list undergo state changes?

    Great article, by the way. Everything makes sense. My question is mostly to make sure I have everything straight when it comes to state updates.

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