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Juan Cruz Martinez
Jun 17, 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

Refactoring cascading conditionals in favor of readability

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3 Replies to "Refactoring cascading conditionals in favor of readability"

  1. Nice article, just one thing I’m not sure I’d the best advice, particularly to beginners –

    It’s often not considered a best practice to use `&&` and `||` operators as control flow.

    The main priority in code design should be readability, and for someone reading these, it primarily implies just a Boolean expression, rather than control flow. If/else is explicit control flow and so it’s much clearer, particularly when it’s contains side affects.

    Another problem with this approach is that it suggests fewer lines is better, when in some cases, like this one, fewer lines is just increasing the information density, and not making anything clearer.

  2. Excellent suggestions! All small readability improvements that my coworkers and I have been adopting recently. A fun note, for those using typescript and map objects, try using Record.

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