Product Management

  • Product ops: The silent killer slowing down your product teams

    If handled poorly, product ops can slow down your product teams and significantly strain your business operations costs. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have a dedicated team to handle this crucial process.

  • Regression analysis is a method of analysis that helps you understand the relationship between a set of data points and an outcome.

  • Like an MVP, an MVE aims to be the best representation of the final product or solution but in a compact and lightweight package.

  • Product virality is the most efficient, cheapest, and yet hardest-to-grasp growth engine you can build. Learn how to improve the virality of your product based on examples from companies like Snapchat, Uber, and Dropbox.

  • Affinity mapping is the process of organizing qualitative data into groups in order to make more sense of it.

  • In simple terms, a product-led growth model is a type of business model where the product itself drives all core business activities.

  • If customers question why they need some of the most innovative products of our time, are innovation and customer focus at odds with each other?

  • With growth hacking, you focus on hypothesizing, prioritizing, testing, analyzing, and scaling growth strategies.

  • A balanced scorecard provides a comprehensive overview of how a company is performing currently, taking into account finances, operational processes, customer satisfaction, and employee performance.

  • 2023 has been the “year of efficiency.” Interest rates are rising and tech companies have retrenched and focused on core products.

  • Synergy occurs when you work as a group to deliver more value than you would’ve through individual efforts.

  • User research is a critical part of any PM’s job. This article goes through a story of how user research impacted LogRocket’s Issues team.